Canberra Local Faces Court for Illegal Driving

A 55-year-old* Canberra local has plead guilty to driving an unregistered, uninsured vehicle while also having a suspended license.

Kalvyn Chester Ayling was driving to work on the 27th of June when police pulled him over for driving an unregistered vehicle.

Upon further investigation, the car was found to be uninsured and his license had been suspended.

The Honourable Boss asked if he had anything to add.

“I made a stupid decision. I have no excuse for my actions,” said Ayling.

The Honourable Boss charged him $500 for driving an unregistered vehicle, $600 for driving an uninsured vehicle, $300 for driving on a suspended license, and $170 in various court fees.

Ayling was given three months to pay.

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